Custom Travel Experiences

One of our goals at Amber Roads Travel is to really get to know our travelers, their likes and dislikes, the experience they want and how they want it. Then we find just the right thing. You know, the thing that turns a vacation into a trip of a lifetime! That tailor-made thing which is fun, unique, maybe frivolous, but always satisfying and leaving you wanting to go again! Something that is uniquely you!

In other words, you dream and we make it come true!

Small Groups

A lot of travelers love guided tours, but they can’t stay on the bus of 48 people one minute longer! We understand. It’s not our favorite way to travel either, but it is a way to learn about the country. If only there was another option!

But wait! There is! Try Small Group Travel! These groups limit the number of people on the trip to between 8 and 16 people. This gives you more time in a location, more access to the guide and a group of like-minded travelers which become new friends. With these small groups come activities that you will find no where else, whether it is a private concert or Afternoon Tea with a Princess or a Duchess. So the next time you dream about having tea with Royalty, remember small group travel can make you dreams come true!

Personalized Individual Travel

Most people love to travel. They want to get out there and see the world. Usually, with the person they love most by their side! However, most travelers don’t want the status quo anymore. They dream of experiences, not just the greatest Instagram Photo. Being immersed in the culture, speaking with the locals, learning how to cook the national cuisine, and feeling like each day was created for them.

With a personalized journey from Amber Roads Travel, your dreams can become a reality. You can work with the Elephants in a Thailand Elephant Sancturary, go on a Gorilla trek in Rwanda. If animals aren’t your style, consider learning a traditional Tea Ceremony in Japan and wear a Kimono, or learn to make jewelry from Sea Glass in Jordan.

Small Ship Cruising

Because Amber Roads Travel gets to know their travelers, we understand that people have their own style of travel and sometimes, even want to try something new. This is especially true with cruising. Ocean cruise ships are typically 3,000 passengers and up. While the larger ships have great shows and lots of things to do, it can feel like you are a number, rather than a person. You know, Guest 3495728, your order is ready! You aren’t an individual to those crews. You are just one in a crowd. Not exactly the way you want to be treated on your vacation, is it?

On a Small Ship cruise (Amber Roads Travel specializes in ship with 600 guests or less), the crew knows your name. By day 2, they will know your likes and dislikes and maybe even your favorite bottle of wine! With crew to guest ratios as low as 1:1.2, the smaller ships can provide personalized, one-on-one service, making you feel as if you are at a Boutique Hotel instead of a cruise ship! Small ship cruising is a great way to see new locations, out of the way places, and small harbors you can’t get to on larger ships. This makes it easy to spend time with the locals in an area not crowded with tourists, which leads to a better and more authentic experience. Romance is in the air on board a small ship, especially with exceptional service and mouth-watering cuisine, making this voyage a special memory you’ll remember for many years!