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Expedition – “a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration.”

For centuries, humans have explored the planet. It started when Adam and Eve left Eden looking for a new home. “What’s out there?” is a question asked by adventurous people; people with a quest for knowledge beyond the everyday, beyond the ordinary, and beyond imagination.

Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Ferdinand Magellan all understood something else was out there, but what? Instead of wondering, they acted. Instead of staying at home, they risked everything to see what no one had seen before.

On an Expedition, you can take you place in history beside these great explorers. Learn things beyond your imagination. Travel where few have gone and gather memories that will last a lifetime.

Amber Roads Travel works with several outstanding companies dedicated to providing you with an experience, not just a trip. With photographers, naturals and environmental experts on staff, each destination is an adventure just for you. People may have traveled there before, but your experience is always unique.


Exhibition Travel is for those who want to go just a bit farther, a bit wilder and a bit more active. Most any activity level can be accommodated, and the rewards are many. From amazing experiences, captivating leaders, and shooting photos worthy of gracing any magazine, time isn’t waisted in these far-away places. Enjoy the A, B, Cs of exhibitions with Amer Roads Travel!



See sights so beautiful and unspoiled, it hurts to look! Pure water, pristine lands and clear air are what brings travelers to these out of the way places. Each has natural wonders that are as unique as the locations themselves. Walk where few have walked before and marvel at the beauty in our world.


Each of the companies that Amber Travel works with is committed to conserving our earth and its beauty. You will travel with conservationists, naturalists, and wildlife experts, as well as world class photographers, and learn from each. With daily talks on what was observed to biology classes in real world situations, each exhibition is unique. Don’t miss out!

Exhibition Travel

Remembering D-Day

8 Nights

Overview: Join National Geographic Expeditions and retrace the events of D-Day, following the path of the Allied forces from Portsmouth, England to the shores of Normand,…

Travel Dates: 31/05/22 - 20/09/22

Offer Expires: 28/08/22



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Machu Picchu and Reserva Amazonica

10 Nights - May receive a $200 credit per couple for Pre/Post Arrangements

Overview: This tour combines the history and beauty of the Andes with a bewitching stay in the heart of the Amazon! You will interact with expert guides and naturalists, which…

Offer Expires: 04/11/22



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Ancient Cultures and Contemporary Traditions

23 Nights - Private Jet Tour

Overview: Across the globe and across the ages, culture has flourished in times of prosperity and remained an enduring touchstone in times of hardship. Delve into rich and…

Travel Dates: 07/06/23 - 30/07/23



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